JINMO  Neo-Tokyo  LP PICTURE DISC   (Koi Records)   11.98

Wow, if you thought that Mick Barr's Octis stuff pushed the limits of over-the-top ADD avant-guitar shred abuse, wait till you get a load of Jinmo! This Tokyo based guitarist and outsider artist has been exploring the outer limits of guitar based improvisation and experimentation for awhile now - he actually released a solo CD of evocative, vaguely jazzy guitar instrumentals in the early 90's through the Knitting Factory imprint. Somewhere along the line though, he clearly began working on an entirely different plane of reality, as is evidenced by both the music on this record and his photo on the insert, which has him outfitted in some kind of metal-and-plastic bondage gear, rocking one of the most badass Fu Manchu 'staches I've ever seen; in addition, his liner notes are completely incomprehensible blats of stream of consciousness weirdness. And the music here is equally extreme, having completely blown our minds with this new domestic vinyl release. This wild-looking 12" picture disc was released in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies, and features 30 tracks of what Jinmo seems to be trafficking in nowadays, skull shredding avant-speed-metal techno freakouts...each track is a hyper-caffeinated, ridiculously obsessive blast, usually only a minute or so long, of Jinmo unleashing absurdly formless and squiggly distorted neck-run shredding over all kinds of industrial synth noises and superfast, stuttering techno beats, sort of like a way more chaotic and brain-damaged Mick Barr spewing his wormy guitar figures over a never ending stream of fucked up, lo-fi gabba loops and drum machine splatter that are run through some psychedelic stereo panning. He calls his guitar style "nano-picking", and there's seriously no dynamics or variation here, it's just track after track of blazingly fast, single-minded instrumental shredding and spastic beats, with most of the tracks ending abruptly in a squeal of feedback. Seriously, if Orthrelm's minimalist shred repetition drives you up the wall, Jinmo's "nano-picking" will have you running screaming from the room. On the other hand, if you dug Orthrelm's Ov, and and groove on the avant-garde guitar sounds of Melt Banana's Agata and John Zorn's guitar-based projects, you might find this as hilariously excessive and fascinating as we do. Hands down the harshest, most ridiculous and extreme avant-shred album of the year.

Track Samples:
Sample : JINMO-Neo-Tokyo