CHAOS OF THE NIGHT  Live At KFJC  CD   (Endorphine Factory)   9.98

Back in 1994, the San Francisco radio station KFJC hosted a one-off performance from a noise supergroup that centered around the intoxicating Mayuko Hino, former S&M actress and member of legendary Japanese psych-noise outfit C.C.C.C. Armed with sheet metal and contact mics and her imposing voice, Chaos Of The Night teamed Mayuko together with Mason Jones (Subarachnoid Space/Trance) on guitar, Elden M. (Allegory Chapel Ltd.) on sampler, and Monte Cazazza (of Industrial Records fame) on bass for a monstrous thirty-four minute jam that seriously holds it's own with the most pulverizing C.C.C.C. recordings, documented here on this disc from K.K. Null's esteemed (and sadly long-defunct) Endorphine Factory label. From the start, the artists blast a densely layered supernova of feedback and distortion that is filled with a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of warbling melodies, crushing distorted low-end, howling psych guitar screaming in primal ecstasy, and sweeping oscillating tones. Really massive, especially towards the last third when Mayuko's wailing vocals start to appear and the distortion seems to kick it up a notch for the last ten minutes as the piece erupts into pure chaotic bliss.

After that, we are treated to two shorter tracks that feature Mayuko partnered with just Mason Jones and Elden M., respectively. "Conscious" is a similiarly brutal wash of distortion and planet-wrecking psych guitar noise, and Mason unleashes a powerful wah-apocalypse over waves of whooshing feedback and ultra high end amplifier howl. Like the epic first jam, this is pure C.C.C.C. territory, the connection made concrete by having C.C.C.C. mastermind Hiroshi Hasegawa mixing the whole thing, and it ends in a crushing maelstrom of crunching guitar noise and Mayuko, heard from a far distance, screaming gibberish into the pit. The disc closes with "Refine", which by previous standards sounds almost "reserved" at times, with single manipulated sinewaves and oscillator fluctations breaking out into a solo, but these brief moments are obliterated by walls of meaty distorted crunch that ooze and pulsate inward while Elden M. streaks sped-up cassette noise into trippy swirls and trails through the massive buzzscape.

Released through the U.S. arm of Endorphine Factory, this brain-splattering slab of heavy psychedelic noise has been a tough one to come by in the years following it's 1995 release, but we've nabbed the last copies of this monster along with a handful of other Endorphine Factory titles - fans of C.C.C.C., extreme Japanese noise, Total, and psychedelic amplifier chaos should be putting their ears on this ASAP. The booklet contains insightful liner notes about the project that were written by Seymour Glass from Bananafish Magazine. Also notable is the surreal photo-collage from Monte Cazazza and Michelle Handelman titled Inside Herself that graces the cover, depicting a woman whose entire body has morphed into a huge vagina, out of which two hands are emerging to climb forth, Gozu-style.

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