MAINLINER  Mellow Out  LP   (Riot Season)   19.98

We have a very limited number of this out-of-print, limited edition vinyl of Mainliner's legendary psycho-noise-garage-metal explosion that was reissued on Riot Season several years ago!

Fuck yes...here is one of the most massive albums in the Japanese heavy psych canon, the 1996 fuzz apocalypse Mellow Out from Mainliner featuring Asahito Nanjo from High Rise on bass/vocals, Hajime Koizumi on drums and Acid Mothers Temple leader Makoto Kawabata on "motor psycho guitar". Mellow Out was first released through Charnel Music in 1996 but went out of print for ages before being reissued by UK label Riot Season. Over the past twelve years, the album has become a crucial piece of the Japanese underground, the debut release from the band that would more or less birth Acid Mothers Temple and which took the High Rise sound of primial Stooges/Blue Cheer/Hendrix and pushed it even further into the fuckin' red. This is some of the most distorted, freaked-out, NOISY rock and roll ever, a swaggering garage-metal stomp absolutely drowned in distortion and wah-wah masturbation, totally improvised and crushing, with distortion on everything, even the drums. Huge bloozy riffs cribbed from the Stooges lurch their way through a corrosive black haze of hiss and fuzz while indecipherable, phantasmagoric vocals mewl and chant back behind the murk, and everything is torn apart whenever Kawabata lets loose with his skull shearing "solos" which sound more like Merzbow unleashing a host of analogue distortion pedals on an ultra heavy acid rock jam, with drumming that is way more rooted in free jazz than in rock, giving the three tracks on Mellow Out a roiling, thunderous thrust. This is one of the craziest, heaviest psych rock albums ever, no joke. Did you blow a synapse over Acid Mothers Temple's Electric Heavyland? Well, this was the template. Totally essential.

Track Samples:
Sample : MAINLINER-Mellow Out
Sample : MAINLINER-Mellow Out