VARIOUS ARTISTS  Journey Into Pain  4 x CASSETTE BOXSET   (RRRecords)   18.98

RRRecords reissued this four-cassette box that had originally come out on the Japanese label Beast 666 Tapes in 1992, and it collects chunks of both the original Journey Into Pain compilation and its followup, Tourney Into Pain. The original compilations aren't duplicated in full here, rather this is a kind of "best of" comp that collects the harsher, noisier stuff from the original releases. This baby is a monster collection of extreme Japanese noise, evil post-Industrial droneworks and dark ambience, sublime musique concrete sculpture, and skullshredding noisecore, spread out across four cassette tapes. Each artist contributes a handful of tracks or a single, lengthy recording, and the lineup is pretty heavy, with tracks from Boredoms, a New Blockaders/Organum collaboration, PGR, P16.D4, Helene Sage, Merzbow, Sbothi, the Haters, Asmus Tietchens, Hijo Kaidan, Hanatarash, John Duncan, the Gerogerigegege, Masonna, Incapacitants, Odal, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Kallabris, Muslimgauze, Function Disorder, Autopsia, Cranioclast, Frank Dommert, and Core. Some of my favorite stuff on here includes the dark, scraping dungeon ambience of the New Blockaders/Organum collab ""Homage To Tatlin", the entire first side of tape two which pounds a ten inch sonic spike into your face via Hijo Kaidan's junk-thrash orgasm "5 Years On", an extended performance of sugar-fueled spazz on Boredom's "We Are The Law!", and Hanatarash's "We Are Hard Core", a likewise lengthy live jam of total free-noise violence and chopped up junkyard thrash carnage.

The tapes come in a 7" x 7" white box with black and white artwork from FranÁoise Duvivier on the outside.