NIKUDOREI  Chain Of Evil Dead  CD   (Dotsmark)   11.98

It's been over ten years since Nikudorei released their nuclear-noisecore opus Genital Torture, an album that has gone on to become a classic in the extreme noise/blurr/scumgrind underground and one of the biggest selling noisecore albums here at Crucial Blast. It says alot about our customers that we get so many orders for an album that has a cartoon picture of a cock being split in half on the cover and which features 99 tracks of facepeeling improvised noise, and we still get orders for that disc on a regular basis. I think that Nikudorei's appeal, at least for me, is in how the band effectively combines the absolute harshest extremes of Japanese noise with a furious grindcore-informed drum assault that often crosses over into violent free-jazz territory, like having Incapacitants, Painkiller, Anal Cunt, Borbetomagus and Scum-era Napalm Death mashed together into vicious blastnoise played at thermonuclear levels of distortion and chaos. When it comes to extreme music, it just doesn'y get much more extreme than Nikudorei.

Now Nikudorei are back, and from what I can tell the band still has the same lineup from when they recorded Genital Torture, though their approach and sound appears to have changed a bit. This disc came out recently on Dotsmark, a smaller Japanese label that specializes in extreme noise, and that's pretty fitting since this new Nikudorei stuff goes even deeper into pure noise territory than their last album. Chain Of Evil Dead essentially an EP with one long track that falls just under nineteen minutes, and has the trio of Okada , Hirakawa and American ex-pat Facialmess whipping up a violent no-fi cyclone of bizarre noise that starts out with a murky live recording that sounds like a dancehall 12" being spun in a club somewhere that goes on for a couple of minutes, then lurches into nauseating power electronics and high-pitched feedback with an avalanche of percussion crashing all around. The recording is super raw and blown out, and definitely sounds like this was recorded live somewhere. The remaining fifteen minutes or so are a holocaust of spastic formless noisecore, like Hanatarash, Masonna and The Gerogerigegege, a whirlwind of screaming and mangled electronic noise strewn over brutal percussive outbursts, sloppy blastbeats, completely blanketed in feedback and distortion. Pretty fucking sick, and way more influenced by Hanatarash than their older stuff. The disc comes in a jewel case but has an interesting packaging design with an obi strip that is actually enclosed inside of the case itself, and includes a full color sticker.

Track Samples:
Sample : NIKUDOREI-Chain Of Evil Dead
Sample : NIKUDOREI-Chain Of Evil Dead