VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA  The Midnight Gambler  CD   (RRRecords)   5.98

This is the cult 1996 full length of crazed psychedelic noise collage from Japan's Violent Onsen Geisha, released as part of the essential Pure Series by RRRecords. Violent Onsen Geisha was always somewhat unfairly lumped in with the likes of Merzbow, Hanatarash, Masonna, etc., even though VOG mastermind Masaya Nakahara's 60's kitsch/ambient found-sound-meets-stand up comedy routine with rabies-meets-earsplitting distortion and feedback cut-ups are situated on an entirely different brain-damaged planet. This stuff ranges from super surreal sound events to brutal feedback shriek, a neverending stream of epileptic noise seizures and ultra spastic tape-splicing insanity that is sort of like Boredom's Yamatsuka Eye screaming over Negativland cassettes that have been left by the radiator for way too long. Sounds like heaven to us. Also includes killer live material. Comes packaged in a black wallet sleeve sealed with a junked multicolor label, Pure Series style.