MERZBOW  Peace For Animals  CD   (Quasi Pop)   12.98

We picked up the last ten copies that were available of this now out-of-print limited-edition Merzbow cd, so once we sell out of these, that's it. Like many of Merzbow's recent releases, this disc is heavilly influenced by Masami Akita's animal rights philosophy, and on Peace For Animals, he's not subtle about it at all. The back of the digipack has the legend "Don't Send Animals To War" beneath a photogragh of chickens crowded into a small bamboo cage, and the thirty-three minute album closer is titled "No More Exploitation Of Animals". Sonically, it's locked into super aggressive Merzbow mode, the three long peices loaded with crackling feedback and strafing laserblasts, densely layered slabs of crumbliong distortion, awesome analogue synth blasts, bits of fractured, destroyed musical samples and looped wails, occasional eruptions of grinding industrial rhythm, manipulated animal sounds, shrieking radio interference, and atonal guitar clatter are all melted together into massive hellstorms of aggro electronics. There are a couple of spots where it sounds like Masami Akita is dragging out his drumkit again and laying down some improvised percussive bash, but it's mostly drowned out by the delirium of feedback and warped samples that are smeared across the entire album. The appropriately named opening track "Raging Chaos" starts this off with overmodulated basslines and harsh oscillating clatter, then injects a crushing industrial pulse and drops in some ultra crushing guitar. Things quiet down for most of the following track "september"; the noise elements are dispersed and spaced out, creating a smoldering effect that underscores an eleven minute exploration of scraped guitar textures, insectile vocal processing, traditional Japanese chanting that is processed into alien screeches, and huge blats of rumbling drone.

That last track though is the album's greatest moment, total Merzbow-terror taken to the extreme and laden with crushing rhythmic elements, holocaustal blasts of cosmic synth destruction that rivals that of C.C.C.C., heavy metallic clang, weird sci-fi synth effects, samples of what might be melted jazz records, photon blasts, and even some eerie ditorted choir-like ambience that appears briefly among the waves of churning brutal noise. Awesome.

Comes in a four-panel full color digipack, released on the Ukrainian noise label Quasi Pop, and again - OUT OF PRINT! Last copies!

Track Samples:
Sample : MERZBOW-Peace For Animals
Sample : MERZBOW-Peace For Animals
Sample : MERZBOW-Peace For Animals