BASTARD NOISE / PAIN JERK  Imminent Economic Collapse  7" VINYL   (Alternative Tentacles)   11.99

†††† Recently nabbed a bunch of old, rare, out-of-print Bastard Noise / Man Is The Bastard-related stuff, all of it new, but apparently hidden away in one of the darker corners of one of our distributor's warehouse. One of 'em is this long-gone 7" that came out on legendary punk label Alternative Tentacles back in 1999; featuring one track each from Man is The Bastard's electronic noise offshoot Bastard Noise, and Japanese harsh electronics terrorizer Pain Jerk, as well as a collaboration between the two on the b-side, this is probably one of the most abrasive things that ever came out on ol' Alt Tentacles. It's pretty ferocious, Pain Jerk kicking things off with a brutal blast of psychedelic electronic noise on "Face Down In A Pool Of Piss" that unleashes some serious distortion-pedal abuse, and then followed by the stretches of subdued insectile chitter and mesmeric celestial pulses that make up Bastard Noise's "I.M.F. Secrets" that rounds out the rest of the side.

†††† The main draw, though, is the collaboration track "Imminent Economic Collapse". Here, the two noise artists deliver a longer, more mind-melting dose of trippy analogue synth noise and violent frequency sweeps, all set against grinding electronic drones and churning clouds of grainy shortwave static. Anyone familiar with both artists will be able to pick out their various signature moves in this chaos, but they mesh together really well, which would be just one of several collaborative experiments that the two projects would engage in over the years. And it's pretty goddamn heavy, too, once BN's Eric Wood finally starts bellowing his barbaric caveman grunts over the track's onslaught of apeshit oscillators and rapid mechanical judder. Brutal. As with all of these other rare Bastard Noise records we picked up, quantities are extremely limited.