VARIOUS ARTISTS  Japanoise  CD   (Little Mafia)   10.98

Japanoise is definitely one of the best compendiums of Japanese sonic terror that we've fed to our earholes...the lineup is all gold, with exclusive jams from PAIN JERK, K2, C.C.C.C., Melt-Banana, KK Null, MSBR, Masonna, Incapacitants, Mo-Te, and Government Alpha. This disc is a total primer in harsh Japanese abstraction, covering a range of styles and sounds from C.C.C.C.'s mind erasing psychedelic theremin/synthesizer crush, to Melt Banana's blink-and-you-miss-it ADD blast of chiming electronics and grindpop remixing, to MSBR's "Yakuza Psychedelia" that conjures swarms of robotic ants to devour the still-twitching corpse of an Atari 2600 game cartridge. Pain Jerk starts the disc out with a grinding electronic peice that begins rhythmically and then devolves into a roar of crashing metal. K2 delivers one of the most brutal tracks on the disc, a high speed junk noise cut-up that reminds us of Monde Bruit's ear frying Selected Works. KK Null's "Star Burst" is an excellent nullsonic jam, sending shimmering shards of patch-cord generated hum shooting into the atmosphere, very similiar to his work on the Datacide In Year Zero CDR, and Masonna's track is a cathartic dose of intense screaming noise and repeating static loops. Incapacitants send psychedelic vocal spew into deep space underneath a deep rumbling void. Every track on this is a keeper and if you are a fan of the Japanese noise and experimental music scene, this is a pretty essential snapshot of what's coming out of Japan's hard core noise scene in the dawn of the new century. Released in an edition of 1000, with cool visuals from Goldensect.