DOT [.] / SU19B  Drowned Into Swamp  CD   (R.S.R.)   14.98

As if isn't enough to have your skull caved in by the punishing sludgecore of Dot [.}, they've gotten together with powerviolence maniacs SU19B for a tag team assault of over-the-top heaviness called Drowned Into Swamp. Fans of extreme Japanese grind/sludge won't need much prodding, as these two bands are some of the heaviest outfits in the Japanese extreme metal underground.

The sound of a bell being struck repeatedly as some deep Tuvan-style throat singing materializes is how Dot [.] open their side; the creepy chant ritual of "Karma" is quickly joined by a MASSIVE pounding drum beat and howling feedback, and after a minute or so a simple, monstrous downtuned sludge riff drops in and the band erupts into crushing heaviosity, the deep gasping vocals pushed through severe distortion as the band grinds out the impossibly crushing tribal deathsludge. This jam goes on for more than thirteen minutes, sometimes slowing down to a time-stopping crawl but mostly sticking with a huge syrupy groove. The other track "Dirt" starts off with a galloping thrash riff that summons up some primo Celtic Frost style heaviness, then halfway through changes gears and slides into a noxious bass-heavy dirge a la Cavity or Eyehategod, a massive bloozy slow-mo riff that winds through endless droning feedback and disturbing samples, the guitars, bass and vocals blown out and distorted and in the red. It almost sounds like Dot [.] has been listening to their countrymates in Birushanah and have picked up some of that band's avant-tribal weirdness. Itís ridiculously brutal.

On their half of the split, SU19B have a couple of surprises up their sleeve. Instead of the disc simply launching into their brand of hyperfast Crossed Out/Neanderthal-inspired powerviolence, the first track opens with gleaming metallic ambience, distant percussive sounds and buzzing raga drones that shift and shimmer for more than a minute until a sinister atonal guitar appears; but then the band crashes in suddenly, slow and crushing, an angular riff that splits off into a spacey instrumental interlude every couple of minutes. The rest of the track continues to slowly crawl through this trippy, psychedelic crush before the band finally blasts off into chaotic grinding speed at the very end. The next track "Pressurewave" is a short drone interlude that suddenly explodes at the end into ultra-heavy grindcore slathered in electronic noise, which leads right into "Civilized Worm". This last track starts off with a garbled blast of electronic noise from none other than Guilty Connector, who drags out clanging sheet-metal reverberations, crushing fast=paced distortion, shrieking vocals, weird backwards effects, short stretches of just minimal creaks and pops, and chaotic oscillator freakout for seven minutes before fading into a subdued noisescape of grit and vinyl crackle. Out of this crackling, droning ambience, guitar feedback gradually emerges, later joined by a pounding tribal drumbeat, and eventually SU19B crashes back in completely with a monstrous doomsludge jam laced with deep guttural death metal sneers, electronic noise and dense feedback, almost like Coffins if they were drenched in industrial noise and malfunctioning amplifier noise. If you flip out over the likes of Eyehategod, Corrupted, Weedeater, Grief, and Coffins, you're going to love this. Comes in a garishly designed full color package with insane photo-collage artwork; limited to five hundred copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : DOT [.] / SU19B-Drowned Into Swamp
Sample : DOT [.] / SU19B-Drowned Into Swamp
Sample : DOT [.] / SU19B-Drowned Into Swamp