VARIOUS ARTISTS  Real Japanese Underground: Grind & Noise Omnibus  2 x CDR   (Lost Rivers Product)   5.98
Real Japanese Underground: Grind & Noise Omnibus IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

This double CD-R compilation is one of the craziest mixtapes of extreme noise/core we've ever heard, two discs completely loaded with over 2 hours of fucked

up, utterly bizarre psychedelic Japanese noisecore, avant grind, psych drones, harsh noise, gabba pop, and other 100% mutant, 100% Japanese confections.

Unfortunately, the label that put this out stuck the discs in what pretty much amounts to the most unimaginative packaging possible, a simple xeroxed sleeve

with absolutely zero artwork, appearing more like a cheap label sampler than anything. That sucks, because the sounds collected here are from another fucking

planet. But then again, you can't really go wrong with 2 hours of music for $6. The first disc has improv noisegrind from Sete Star Sept and Napalm

Death is Dead, AWESOME speedmetal/techno from Bakans, retardedly brutal goregrind chugalug from Pultrefaction Apartment and Fuck Me Please, Aostrapos' epic

blast psychedelia, freaking killer deathcore weirdness from Deathlate, amazing brutal noise/pop/gabba/hypergrind from Grind D.C.P.S., two

MINDBLOWING solo-guitar post-rock/psych/hard rockin' shred instrumentals from Mindweaver (honestly, we recommend picking this sampler up for the Mindweaver

tracks alone! Total lo-fi stoner guitar bliss!), plus a handful of other bands whose names we can't read because we can't read Kanji, but we can say that

they deal in a variety of bizarre avant-garde J-pop noise, immolating digital noise improv. Then there is the very last track, again by someone whose name is

written in Kanji, entitled "Unholy Satanic Improvisation". It's six minutes of a man alone in a room, muttering all sorts of insane nonsensical shit,

sometimes letting loose with death metal grunts while he severely abuses his guitar through a tinny practice amp. Essential.

The second disc has more brutal electronic noisecore chaos from Feedback Nine VOlt, spastic digital cut-up destruction from Bloody Letter, PLANET CRUSHING

powerdrone rumble from Aiz, crunchy harsh noise from 666, ultraviolent feedback improv from Destructionisties and Vent, evil dronenoise from Wyrs, Wolf Eyes

-esque devilgnarl from Beautiful Demise, and an awesome set of massive Sunn O)))-meets-Astromero drone metal and ambient annhiliation from Te:ch/a/os:mosis.

We're talking GOBS of variety here, folks. In a way, this is a perfect companion to that Japanoise compilation CD we reviewed recently, a detailed

exploration into the utterly mutant underbelley of the Japanese extreme underground.