VARIOUS ARTISTS  Woman Taken In Adultery  CD   (Carbon)   6.99

Pure heavy free noise drone bliss. That’s what all five artists featured on this unassuming little disc have to offer. Norway's NOXAGT open up with a

cacophonous attack of utterly danceable drum noise and rubber-band-y bass in yer face, then shift abruptly into a stumbling, heavy, wheezy drone rock jam

with the second track, like marching music for some weird camel parade, and wrap up their appearance with track 3, a totally stoned psyche/bong riff jamming

into eternity with a ghostly turntable loop doing the eerie creep. New Zealand's FLIES INSIDE THE SUN follow with a single track of skittery drone, subdued

improv guitar flutter, and disembodied radio chatter...very pretty stuff. Belgium's RANDOM REFLECTIONS give us 3 tracks of excellent ominous twilight drone

via amplifier/guitar hum and feedback and string-scrape, sort of like a quieter, more subdued version of Boris' feedback free-for-alls. LOVELY MIDGET and

METRALLETA are both from New Zealand; LOVELY MIDGET's Snow Engineer is a gorgeous, spartan micro-hymn, with Rachel Shearer's buried and

layered and positively spooky vocals over a dark , ominous guitar drone...like a shoegazer song for bad dreams, a post-rock lullaby buried

underneath ruins, AWESOME in its brevity. Rachel Shearer also counts herself amongst METRALLETA, whose Papakura is yet another drone-psyche gem,

flickering pulses of guitar and raga-esque melodies shimmering...great stuff, And Loren Conners closes this disc out with 2 beautiful tracks of delicate

post-rock guitar ambience, exquisitely pretty and sad, particularly "For NY 9/11/01". For fans of Loren Conners spare post rock ambience, these pieces

definitely do not disappoint.

This CD is packaged quite minimally, with a spare white and grey cover and a small card insert inside the wallet with the disc - it's definitely nothing

fancy, but if you’re a fan of psyche-drone haze and evocative hum, you gotta get this CD for the LOVELY MIDGET and METRALLETA tracks...the rest of the bands

and songs on here are so excellent as well, not a single dud on this disc, but those particular tracks are a must-hear.