ASTROMERO  self-titled  2 x CD   (Troniks)   14.98

A double compact disc boxset of heavy analog synthesizer powerdrones and space noise. This collaborative project between Damion Romero of 90's "power-acoustic" outfit Speculum Fight and P-Tapes, and Hiroshi Hasegawa of Astro/C.C.C.C./Mortal Vision recorded between 1995 and 2005, and their entire output is all gathered together in this swank box set. Romero and Hasegawa collaborated live, in studio, and through the mail during this time, creating extended explorations into the psychedelic power of vintage analogue synthesizers. taking cues from the psychedelic black hole electronics of C.C.C.C., who were considered the Hawkwind of Japanese noise. But Astromero is definitely a force unto itself, as these guys create skullbending assaults of UFO liftoff and circuit hum, colored green and black in the purring shadow of a gigantic, monolithic refridgerator erected on earth by some eldritch race. Pulsing drones and crackling black-lightning rhythms throb in a manner reminiscent of Kluster, Faust, and Conrad Schnitzler. The first disc features studio/mail collaborative material,including guest spots from L.A. Free Music Society member/Keiji Haino collaborator Rick Potts and C.C.C.C. member and Mason Jones collaborator Miyuko Hino...and the second disc is compiled from two live synchronised performances in 2002 in Tokyo that ends in the gnashing jaws of an apocalyptic bass loop. Ten years of powerdrone/electro psych blast conceptualism capsuled in a molded metal tin with glossy color insert folder, and sealed with a printed label. It comes together as a killer, fully satisfying compendium of imaginative Japanese drone/noise and electronic psychedelia. Limited to only 500 copies.