NIKUDOREI  Genital Torture  CD   (HG Fact)   19.98

Back in stock after over a year! Nikudorei's 1997 album Genital Torture is a fucking classic in the realm of freeform, improvised "grindcore", or noisecore, or whatever you want to call it. What you get is 99 tracks in one hour of the harshest, most freaked out grindnoise you can imagine, with just a drums/vocals/electronics lineup creating this holocaust. Featuring Kenny from Facialmess, a killer 90's harsh noise project that did a great collaborative EP with Suppression, these guys intersect painful electronic noise, like Incapacitants, or maybe Prurient at his most brutal, with ultranoisy microburst grindcore, via multi-second explosions of blastbeat drumming and monstrous vocal slop. Picture Japanese harsh noise a la Massona/Pain Jerk fused with Anal Cunt and buried under loads of wah-effects. Complete ear terror. Some longer jams drop the drums completely and dwell on some audio warfare sinewaves that razor right through your eardrums. Heavy and fucking FREAKED OUT. Artwork is covered in their highly stylized bondage-cartoon imagery amongst more familiar grindcore visuals.

Track Samples:
Sample : NIKUDOREI-Genital Torture
Sample : NIKUDOREI-Genital Torture