GOAT / KAZUMOTO ENDO  split  7" VINYL   (Dada Drumming)   4.98

Released on Philosophy Shop, this is another older Goat release that we just dug up out of the crates and are listing for the first time. The Texas noise devil Goat has been releasing his outbursts of vicious harsh noise for over a decade and is one of our favorite American noise artists; this split Ep sees him teaming with the legendary Japanese noise artist Kazumoto Endo, who created some phenomenal carnal racket in the 90's with his Killer Bug project. Here, Endo and Goat both go for extreme electronic carnage on this short-but-brutal 7", pressed on grey marble vinyl and slipped inside of an old-school xeroxed sleeve.

Kazumoto Endo's "Fear My Kung Fu" is a collage of bestial machine roar, epileptic drill noise, splattered vocal samples, and various other blasts of random metallic chaos. Throughout the length of this piece, Endo will briefly lock into a juddering mechanical rhythm or a short snippet of a Japanese pop song, but then it all flies apart into pounding, screaming disorder. There are some sheets of grainy computer static and spurts of slurred tape noise that start to emerge towards the very end of the track, culminating in a frenzied noise exercise that fried our nerve endings.

Goat then counters with "The Summer I started Collecting Knives", a psychedelic pedal-spazz distortion hell steeped in satanic ravings and Baphometic visions, where rumbling bass tones pound away at your skeletal system and send shudders of trebly hiss running along the edges of your nervous system. A squirming pit of sputtering high end hum, rushing currents of white noise and screeching feedback that goes by in a rush of frenetic energy as is the norm for Goat's convulsive noise, with a strange musical element lurking underneath that only adds to the unsettling feeling that this recording emits.