K2  Molekular Terrorism  CDR   (RRRecords)   5.98

Japanese noise artist Kimihide Kusafuka's has been producing his extreme electronics/junk noise collages under the K2 name since the early 80's, and more or less created the "junk noise" aesthetic that we talk about here at C-Blast. Look at any current metal-abuser, and they'll no doubt cite this project as a key influence. One of K2's key albums that introduced him to the growing American noise audience in the 1990s was his contribution to RRRecords's legendary industrial noise series Pure, the 1996 full length album Molekular Terrorism. Like all of K2's work, the four lengthy untitled tracks on this album are not just pure electronic noise, but rather the sound of metal and other objects being abused and destroyed and then reformed into a colossal collage of industrial mayhem, a cyberpunk nightmare of jumbled metallic clank and mountains of steel pipes crumbling to the ground, avalanches of scrap metal and broken glass and other detritus all layered over crushing bass-heavy noise and squealing synths. As out of place as it sounds, the human voice is also present in these hellish assemblages, snippets of human voice and singing which are sometimes warped and processed into hellish gibberish and moaning. There's hardly anything here that resembles an actual rhythm, but every so often a grinding machine loop will appear for a few moments before being swallowed back up by the chaos. Random pounding resonates off of huge oil canisters, and frantic bleeps from what sounds like a malfunctioning Atari 2600 swarm through the air. Kusafuka uses brutal stereo panning on these recordings, sending the titanic scrapescapes spinning around the inside of your skull. No doubt about it, these junk metal maelstroms can have a disorientating effect on you when you've been listening to it for long enough, and after a while the sounds can really start to evoke visions of a city being dismantled inch by inch, a hurricane of decimated steel girders, concrete, glass and human forms, all of the flotsam chopped up and spliced back together into sprawling, constantly changing and mutating sound collages of industrial collapse. Molekular Terrorism is as harsh and brutal as anything from Incapacitants or Masonna, and is one of the best examples of K2's abrasive junk-noise chaos.

Track Samples:
Sample : K2-Molekular Terrorism
Sample : K2-Molekular Terrorism