THIRDORGAN / GOVERNMENT ALPHA  split  7 INCH + CD   (Dada Drumming)   5.98

Here's a high-power pairing of two of Japan's biggest noise names, combined on a killer 7"/Cd set with the record pressed on bright pink vinyl and housed in a black and white sleeve with an insert.

"Counterattack Of Shine-Shine-Dan" from Thirdorgan is a heavily textural and active piece of noise splat made up of chopped-up bursts of white noise and static hiss, squelchy blurts of low end noise and high end electronic glitchery swarming around. A deep percussive judder rumbles throughout the track, and by the time you reach the end, you'll be imagining your hard drive is infested with worms. It's harsh and psychedelic electronic chaos.

On the other side, Government Alpha's ode to Fulci's bizarro splatterfest The House by the Cemetery "Dr. Freudstein" emits a churning high end jet-engine roar, shooting oscillating distortion into the stratosphere. The track moves through roiling distorted low end, roaring feedback, scraping talons of high end skree, all coagulating into a brutal noise blast. The surging waves of electronic psych end with the sound of a violin being strangled and electronic chirping that explodes into a supernova of immolating amplifier howl.

The Cd that's included here is titled Pigmon Last Stand and features the artists performing live in Japan in October 2003. The first track is Government Alpha's performance of "Tea With Redking", a thunderous fifteen minute cosmic storm, surging waves of skree and nebulous effects blasting into deep space at light speed. This set of crushing textural space-noise quickly turns violent as an avalanche of scrap metal and distorted flux comes roaring across the soundspace, insanely high pitched sine waves begin slicing through the air, and this takes on the visage of being trapped in the turbine of a space shuttle as it launches into the stratosphere. The Thirdorgan track "SAKURA Drops De Yagamania" is almost half an hour long, and opens with some sugary Japanese pop being transmitted through distorted speakers, the melody and singing slowly warping and distorting until it becomes a tangled mass of screeching noise and blown out static, and is finally consumed within the swirling storm of harsh noise. This ocean of static and metallic hum reveals occasional flashes of the original pop music breaking through the chaos, even more distorted than before, and then sucks it back into the electronic screech and hiss and distorted rhythmic throb.

Limited to 300 copies.