DISSECTING TABLE  Chaos Attractor  CD   (R.O.N.F. Records)   8.98

It's been awhile since I've heard anything new from the Japanese industrial/doom/noise outfit Dissecting Table. Since the early 90's, DT's Ichiro Tsuji has produced some of the heaviest, most pulverizing industrial noise albums to come out of the underground Japanese noise scene, with an almost metallic, doom-laden heaviness appearing at times that turned his music into something closer to the likes of Human Quena Orchestra, Halo, early Godflesh/Pitchshifter, and other tectonic mecha-sludge specialists. Chaos Attractor definitely falls under this banner with a single forty-eight minute track that does indeed get very fucking heavy in it's second half, and fans of those aforementioned bands who like hearing a heavy dose of harsh electronic noise injected into their industrial doomcrush are going to love it...

Chaos Attractor starts with several minutes of squirming, fluctuating processed feedback and oscillator waves shot through with bursts of distorted moan and percussive noise, then explodes suddenly into total chaos, a wall of brutal psychedelic noise made up of harsh high end feedback flux and pounding distorto synth assault and screaming high end signals with a pummeling steady rhythmic throb at the center of it all. Scraping, howling anti-melodies surface out of the din, surrounded by writhing fast-paced whipstrikes of venomous electrical buzz, and after a while, it all starts to sound like a symphony of damaged turntables, power drills, revving motorcycle engines, and death metal distortion pedals all cranked to the hilt. The music settles down around the 12 min mark into a whirling, still very sonically active stretch of cavernous machine rumble and ambience, but then suddenly, almost immediately, it shifts into a bizarre form of ultra-distorted industrial doom. A grinding and insanely distorted metallic riff over heavy drums forging a lurching, lopsided anti-groove,

a steady stop-start stomp that drives the blown out ultra-distorto noise-doom. The vocals that come in are even more over the top, a ranting voice run through so many effects that it becomes a desperate sounding robotic warble, absolutely unintelligible, like the main character from Tetsuo: The Iron Man forced to front some monstrous industrial doom metal outfit, the sound drenched in ever increasing levels of drill noise and fx and feedback.

After about ten minutes of that, it returns to the maniacal electronic chaos, this time sounding like an army of Galaga machines on the rampage. The sound moves in and out of more spacious phased fx noisescapes and stretches of intergalactic battle ambience a la some of KK Null's more crazed material, cacophonies of total electronic mayhem like factories staffed with huge cybernetic insect creatures, bizarre mashups of the psychedelic electronics and those weird mumbled/muffled screams and freeform metal guitar zonk, ultra distorted death metal growls appearing as it descends into violent storms of cosmic fx, and finally returning to the massively over-distorted noise doom in the last minute of the track, before it abruptly slams to a close.

Comes in a full color wallet, and limited to five hundred copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : DISSECTING TABLE-Chaos Attractor
Sample : DISSECTING TABLE-Chaos Attractor