MERZBOW  Recycled Music  CASSETTE   (RRRecords)   4.98

Although I'm just now getting my hands on a couple copies of this, Merzbow's entry into the infamous Recycled Music series of cassettes on RRR is from way back, 1992 to be exact, and captures the master in his pre-digital days as he unfurls a collage of chopped up Japanese torch songs, loops of minimal static and overmodulated tones jettisoned from assorted analogue FX that send violent radar pings and sawtoothed sinewaves racing around the room. The volume levels on this recording are pretty schizo too, starting off pretty quiet and jumping around from loud blasts of rhythmic distortion to distant machine rumbles that are barely audible.

I'm not used to hearing this sort of cut-up action from Akita-san, it sounds more like something from Violent Onsen Geisha's Midnight Gambler album than the type of hyper brutal noise assaults of Merzbow's early 90's output that I'm most familiar with. It sounds really cool and surreal though.

Merzbow's Recycled Music cassette is part of the series of the same name, as like all of the tapes in that collection is dubbed over assorted commercial pre-recorded music cassettes that had been traded into the RRRecords shop. Each of these is one of a kind, as the nature of dubbed cassettes frequently allows for glimmers of the original audio content to bleed into the artist's recording that has been dubbed onto the tape. Comes in a handassembled case/sleeve with duct tape scrawled in black marker across the front.