BAGMAN  Men Who Solicit Sex  CDR   (Murderabilia Records)   7.99

After hearing his contributions to the now out-of-print Philosophy of a Knife compilation on Peripheral, I immediately fell in love with his brand of ultra-skeezy, ultra-heavy skum electronics, a brutal low-fi blast of hatred that turned the classic UK power electronics sound into something a bit more bestial. You've got the elements in place - distorted raving vocals, harsh electronic noise and feedback, hardcore misanthropy - but somehow it sounds like something new in the hands of Bagman, offering a fresh strain of violence somewhat similar in feel to the blackened bestial industrial of Project: Void while clearly under the influence of the sexual perversions of prime era Sutcliffe Jugend.

Men Who Solicit Sex is the latest load of venom that Bagman has dropped in 2012. Over the course of this study in sexual slavery and illegal solicitation, Bagman sandwiches samples from documentary footage concerning the sex trade in the UK in between his pulsating cancerous electronics, throbbing tumors of rhythmic synth arpeggios swarmed by nauseating feedback, a vile black sheen covering everything. His vocals are utterly psychedelic, run through an extreme amount of distortion to the point where they are little more than a cloud of reptilian verbal hatred. The production is raw, even by power electronics/noise standards, but it's fucking perfect. That is definitely one of the things that I love about this project's recordings. Its so distorted and blown and abrasive, the sound possessing a real weight to it, which is not something that is always present in PE. This is dark stuff that constantly seethes under a constant threat of imminent violence.

Highly recommended to power violence extremists. The disc is presented in jewel case packaging with a booklet of disturbing graphics and text, and wrapped in clingy black cellophane with a set of Bagman stickers. Limited to one hundred copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : BAGMAN-Men Who Solicit Sex
Sample : BAGMAN-Men Who Solicit Sex
Sample : BAGMAN-Men Who Solicit Sex