GEROGERIGEGEGE, THE  All You Need Is An Audio Shock By Japanese Ultra Shit Band  LP   (Audio Shock)   24.99
All You Need Is An Audio Shock By Japanese Ultra Shit Band IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR ORDER

The most depraved of all of the bands to come out of the Japanese extreme experimental underground of the 1980s, The Gerogerigegege were an utterly unclassifiable beast, part Dadaist art project and part ultra-violent scatological noise outfit formed by Juntaro Yamanouchi, a cross-dresser who also performed in S&M scenes at underground gay clubs. Their live shows consisted of acts of on-stage vomiting, defecation and public masturbation often set to a soundtrack of vicious industrial noise, sludgy retardo-punk, or weird rhythmic industrial experiments. Merzbow and Masonna didn't have anything on these freaks; for nearly two decades, Yamanouchi and crew released some of the strangest stuff I've ever heard, and you'd never know what to expect from a Gero record - it could a seven minute recording of someone getting sucked off just as easily as it could be a 224-song blast of excoriating noisecore. The band fell off of the face of the earth around 2001 and hasn't been heard from since, and their releases have naturally become harder and harder to come by. Released by some label called Audio Shock Recordings, this new Lp is a collection of various previously released tracks from The Gerogerigegege, and its the first Gero record that I've been able to stock since the late 90s. The LP delivers a full Gerogerigegege experience, featuring the entire Life Documents 7", the entire a-side from the All You Need Is Audio Shock 7", their song off of the Seven Inches Of Meat 7" with Origami Erotika, and various tracks from their Senzuri Power Up , Saturdaynight Big Cock Salaryman, Singles 1985-1993 and Live Greatest Hits CDs, the 1985 Gerogerigegege tape on ZSF Produkt, the Yellow Trash Bazooka 7" and the Senzuri Champion and Showa LPs.

The "Senzuri Action" side features a variety of weird drum-machine driven dance experiments layered with white noise and Juntaro's gasping voice, bizarre sound collages created from masturbatory grunts, brutal noise, air raid sirens and spastic bossa nova beats, looped samples of flamenco guitar, smooth jazz trumpet music and cavalry bugle calls, tribal rhythms and hypnotic techno-style kick drums, orgasmic moans and the slap of flesh against flesh, and more of that monotonous, endlessly thudding drum machine, capped off with the incredible live track from 1991 that goes from a disturbing public display of self-abuse to a shrieking emotional breakdown set to the sound of a cheap Casio backbeat.

It's not till you flip over to the b-side (titled "Noise Action") that things get violent, as samples of warbling 1950's Japanese music gives way to sixty-second blasts of flesh-rending noisecore, vicious low-fi explosions of jagged feedback and amp noise and collapsing drums, pushed into insane levels of distortion. And then it'll shift into something like "Car Sex MacDonald Drive In Let's Go", a nearly eight minute sludge punk dirge with howling guitars and endlessly screaming feedback slathered over the caveman pounding of the drummer, sounding like some crazed live collaboration between the Flipper guys and Japanese noise extremists Incapacitants, the droning riffs buried under miles of disgusting discordant guitar noise and shrieking microphones. Other "songs" appear as primitive industrial music jams, endlessly layered voices rising in cacophony over more of those brain-damaged Casio drum beats, finally returning to that brutal noisecore assault for pretty much the final half of the side.

Comes in a black and white jacket with printed insert, and is limited to 750 copies.