ZENI GEVA  Total Castration  CD   (Public Bath)   14.98

this rare 1991 full length is one of my favorite albums from the Japanese trance-metal trio Zeni Geva, featuring the legendary avant-guitarist KK Null alongside second guitarist Tabata and drummer Eito. Released on the long-gone Public Bath label and produced by Steve Albini, Total Castration rolls right over you from the first crushing, angular guitar riff, unleashing eight tracks of monstrous, mathy hypno-metal that seem to sound all at once like a tightly-wound fusion of early Swans dirge, art/prog rock, Motorhead, twisted syrupy thrash metal, and the hardcore industrial pummel of early Godflesh. Null bellows over these songs like a seriously pissed off samurai warrior, while the band locks in on a grisly, percussive slowed-down speedmetal riff for minutes on end, over jagged, deceptively complex rhythms that frequently push their music into strange timings, and dissonant guitar-noise textures. Powerful, seriously heavy stuff. There's even a song on here called ""Godflesh"", but who knows whether or not it's a tribute, since all of Null's imagery and song titles are firmly rooted in similiar themes: ""Total Castration"", ""Shoot Me With Your Blood"", ""Bloodsex"", ""New Flesh"". Massive.