ZAIDEN  Virus  7" VINYL + CDR   (Hjuj'd Tyrusgr)   5.98

��� Ultra-obscure Japanese synth brutalist Sou Hayano makes his first appearance here at C-Blast with this new 7" from his Zaiden project, released by the fine freakazoids over at Hjuj'd Tyrusgr. Not knowing much about this project as there's virtually nothing to be found online about either Hayano or Zaiden, I had initially expected this to be in a similar psychedelic vein as Hiroshi Hasegawa's extreme synth-generated walls of electronic noise. Hayano delivers something a bit more deranged, though, spewing a nine minute eruption of monstrous synthesizer mutation.

��� "Virus" starts off as a cluster of frenzied signal sweeps and violent glitchery that slowly builds over a bed of soft, crackling static. As the track progresses, Hayano gradually contorts his cracked and tortured electronics into a series of severely deformed melodies that unfurl into jagged, atonal forms, sinister strains of discordant creep that rise and fall through the swirling distorted signals and rhythmic loops of bleeping noise. Doesn't take long before this transforms into a surreal, nightmarish din of mangled electronics, like some evil Stockhausen piece being force-fed fistfuls of methamphetamines and jammed through a particle accelerator and set against a panoramic backdrop of squirming Cronenbergian mutations and crawling flesh-horror. Solidly abusive stuff that does a nice job of rending your nerve endings before it's all said and done. Issued in a limited edition of one hundred copies, each hand-numbered and comes with a CDR copy of the entire uninterrupted track.

Track Samples:
Sample : ZAIDEN-Virus
Sample : ZAIDEN-Virus