BORIS with MERZBOW  Sun Baked Snow Cave  2 x LP   (Hydra Head)   27.98

We've got one (1) copy of this now out-of-print 2xLP in stock. Here's the original review from the CD release:

This latest collaboration between Japanese drone/sludge/rockers BORIS and legendary noise artist Masami Akita (MERZBOW) follows their previous matchups Megatone and 04092001, and returns to the drone-heavy fields explored on Megatone and BORIS’ Flood. Languidly strummed acoustic guitars open the album, gauzy and delicate as single notes are plucked and hung on a wide open expanse of sound. Eventually far-off rumbles and approaching electronic flashes begin to appear around ten minutes in. At twenty minutes into the track, the roar of massively downtuned guitar crashes in, as Merzbow beams in crackling electronic shrapnel and glitchy noise over the amorphous swells of noisy powerdrone. The final half of the record crawls out of the heavy swirl and drifts into black with ghostly blots of computer noise and feedback, as the album’s opening guitar movements re-appear as the coda. Packaged in a killer casewrapped gatefold jacket virtually identical to the original CD packaging, super striking, Stephen O'Malley's hyper-abstract album artwork printed in blue, black and white metallic inks. Limited to one thousand two hundred copies.