GUILTY CONNECTOR + PCRV  self-titled  CASSETTE   (Phage Tapes)   6.99

Released in a limited edition of one hundred twenty-five copies, this tape tears through some delectable electronic skullchurn from Japan's Guilty Connector, here teamed up with another prolific harsh noise artist called Pop Culture Rape Victim. The two artists combine for a nasty blast of squirming, seething electronic chaos on the a-side, a fifteen minute assault of sputtering distortion and violent chirping chaos, loaded with speaker-shredding low-end noise and monstrous mechanical frenzy. Intensely abrasive, highly psychedelic, this becomes a churning mass of volcanic rumble and thrumming electrical currents, garbled tape-noise hysteria and punishing distorted drones all forming into a white-hot wall of snarled, insectile carnage. Fans of Guilty Connector's brand of fast-paced harsh noise brutality won't be let down.

The other side delivers something much more restrained, however. It's another sprawling noisescape, but this one feels more subdued and droneological, a catalog of distant metallic resonances and bell-like tones echoing from far across an undulating oceanic surface. The combination of those measured metallic sounds, the muffled, murky ambience, and the ghostly, half-formed rhythms that surface in the distance all makes for a captivating, increasingly threatening soundscape, a sea of desolation, sunless and wind-beaten, sprawling out into a endless expanse of bleak industrial ambience. As much as I dug the all-out sonic assault of the preceding track, this is something that I'd really love to hear the two artists pursue further.

Track Samples:
Sample : GUILTY CONNECTOR + PCRV-self-titled
Sample : GUILTY CONNECTOR + PCRV-self-titled