K2 / NRYY  No More N.P.P.  CASSETTE   (Phage Tapes)   5.99

Created in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant disaster, this split pairs up Japanese noise titan K2 (aka Kimihide Kusafuka) with newer noise outfit NRYY for an exuberant, brutal exercise in electronic destruction that channels the artists' combined anti-nuclear anger.

K2's side delivers two long tracks of ultra-violent cut-up noise, "Peak On Geiger Counter Ver. 2" and "Dirty Electric Black Power Ver. 2", unleashing a non-stop barrage of chopped up electronic chaos, fast moving and brutal, savage and psychedelic. As he states in the liner notes to the tape, Kusafuka makes a point to avoid the use of computers in the construction of these sprawling, skull-chewing noisescapes, and there's a noticeable tactile quality to his noise experiments: the garbled electronics are brutally fused together, generated from his arsenal of "junk electronics", contact mics, Korg synthesizer and vocals, all of which are tortured and abused to the extreme. The result is a symphony of squalling feedback and malevolent computer-puke, tangles of squirming, snarled tape noise, endless metallic avalanches, and wave upon wave of acid-damaged electronic fuckery. As always, mind-melting stuff, compressing the sound of collapsing technological society into a single block of ever-morphing sound.

A relative newcomer to the Japanese noise underground, Norihito Kodama's NRYY project compliments K2's with two tracks of his own violent electronic noise. This stuff is definitely more musical, though. For over half an hour, Kodama unleashes violent blasts of distorted noise and feedback, but these are broken up into ordered chunks that are separated and surrounded by distorted synthesizer melodies, atonal figures and bursts of spacey arpeggio patterns that burble and flitter amid his harsher, more chaotic elements. It's an effective mix of sounds that sure doesn't skimp on the ear-destroying noise (fans of Pain Jerk and Masonna will dig the level of abrasiveness here), but tempers it with these mesmeric synth patterns and creepy haunted-house melodies that resemble something off of an old krautrock LP. A pretty cool blast of psychedelic electronic punishment that rivals the power of the preceding side.

Released in a limited edition of one hundred copies.

Track Samples:
Sample : K2 / NRYY-No More N.P.P.
Sample : K2 / NRYY-No More N.P.P.