CRUCIAL BLAST  Psychotronic Catastrophism (SMALL)  SHIRT   (Crucial Blast)   20.00

For the twenty-fifth anniversary of CRUCIAL BLAST, we are stoked to present the first in a series of Crucial Blast shirts featuring brand-new commissioned art from our favorite visual artists. This design features the gnarly collage art of Cody Drasser, guitarist for the acclaimed New York prog-death outfit AFTERBIRTH; we've been longtime fans of Drasser and his music/art, with several releases from him in the C-Blast catalog..

The "Psychotronic Catastrophism" design is an accurate glimpse into the neurologic strategies behind the art, music, film, and literature that we release here at Crucial Blast. Issued in a limited printing, on black Gildan 100% cotton short sleeve t-shirt, two-color print, with the Crucial Blast sigil on the back of the shirt.