SLOGUN  Will To Kill  CD   (Bloodlust!)   12.99

Part of the exhaustive History Of Violence reissue series from Bloodlust!, this re-mastered redux of Slogun's evil power electronics masterwork Will To Kill is one of my favorite albums from John Balistreri's "true crime electronics" outfit, one of the key architects of crushing American power electronics.

Originally released on cassette by Bloodlust! and Balistreri's own Circle Of Shit imprint back in 1996, Will To Kill is a titanic belch of hellish gas and acid from the bowels of Hell. Slogun has always been one of the heaviest American electronics artists, not just because of his relentlessly misanthropic outlook but also because the guy creates some of the most violent, bass-heavy electronic soundscapes around. When the first track "Kraft" kicks in, it just rolls over you like a bulldozer with it's crushing whoosh of radioactive winds and distorted synth drones. The klaxon warning chirps that come in later just make this sound even more like the final minutes before the thermonuclear wave hits. The other tracks on Will To Kill tend to maintain a similar level of brute destructive power, though there's plenty of atmospheric passages too, like the rumbling deep-space drones and smoldering noise on "Blood", which resembles something from Japanese cosmos-destroyers CCCC more than a typical PE outburst. On the other hand, "Street Cleaner" viciously blasts off into a killswarm of mangled radio transmissions, murderous distorted whispers ("....listen to me...listen to me...), dense distorted black winds buffet the speakers, a repulsively brain-melting blast of black electronics. Following electro-attacks like "Mindhunter" and "Trolling" are no less carnivorous, reveling in the bliss of predatory behaviors as a rain of acid feedback and wall-like distortion falls to earth. It's all a black seething mass of psychedelic electronic violence and total terror that climaxes with the serial killing mantra "Trash", an ode to Gary Ridgway aka the "Green River Killer".

Essential for anyone into Slogun's brutal electronics and the murderous extremes of underground industrial/noise.

Track Samples:
Sample : SLOGUN-Will To Kill
Sample : SLOGUN-Will To Kill
Sample : SLOGUN-Will To Kill