BRAINBOMBS  Singles Collection II  2 x LP   (Armageddon)   29.99

The latest 2017 reissue of this massive scum-punk collection.

Originally released on the French label Polly Maggoo back in 2007 as a double Cd (now long sold out), this formally-untitled collection of early sonic scum-assaults from these Swedish fiends is available once again, this time via the Armageddon Label who also brought us the most current edition of the 'bombs classic Obey, presented as a double Lp set limited to five hundred copies. An essential collection for anyone into the murderous punk-sludge that this outfit has been slinging for the past two decades; here's my old write-up of the original Cd release:

At long last, the collection of out of print Brainbombs singles and EPs that I've been jonesing for ever since I first heard their scumfuck masterpeice Obey! Actually, this is the Singles Collection II CD that was just released by the French label Polly Magoo, the followup to the first Brainbombs singles CD that is currently out of print. This is an equally essential anthology CD for any fans of these notorious Swedish noise punkers, gathering five different singles from 1998 through 2007 along with four never-before-released live jams from 1993. If you haven't already joined the cult, you gotta check them out if you're even remotely into the current skuzz-punk sounds of Clockcleaner, Violent Students, Homostupids, Burmese, and that ilk. Seriously. Aside from maybe Flipper, Brainbombs are the primo figureheads for violent, antisocial dirge. Brainbombs formed in 1987 in Hudiksvall, Sweden and spent the next two decades spreading their terminally reprobate, heavy-as-hell sludge punk, each of their songs usually consisting of just one monstrous riff that the band plays over and over, hammering it into the ground while their singer spews all manner of psychopathic, sexually transgressive ranting over the band's radioactive Stooges trudge in a deadpan sing-speak that sounds pretty funny at first, until you actually make out what he's saying and realize that this is pretty fucking deranged. And the music is so heavy, the riffs slow and sludgy and just evil sounding, with sinister trumpet blowing bleating over top, sending vile brass notes drifting over their droning, hypnotic noise rock, everything recorded raw and low fi and totally in the red, every instrument glazed in distortion, the drumming locking into a propulsive motorik beat. Utterly crushing genius, and one of the most crucial noise rock bands on the planet. This anthology focuses on the Brainbomb's later years, and includes the Macht (Gun couRt singles SEries) 7" from 1998, the Stigma Of The Ripper / Street Cleaner 7" on Tumult from 2003, The Grinder / Mommy Said 7" on Ken Rock from 2004, the I Need Speed 7" on Big Brothel from 2006, the Stinking Memory / Insects 7" on Anthem, and the live recordings of "Stacy", "Tired And Bloody", "Danny Was A Streetwhore", and "Urge To Kill" that were recorded in Oslo, Norway in 1993, all perfectly gnarly and noisy and raging.

Comes on black vinyl, and includes a double sided insert that includes the brief liner notes written by The Lamp's Monty Buckles that also appeared in the Cd version. Highly recommended.

Track Samples:
Sample : BRAINBOMBS-Singles Collection II
Sample : BRAINBOMBS-Singles Collection II
Sample : BRAINBOMBS-Singles Collection II