LARSON, GENEVIEVE RYOKO  Ecstasy  ART BOOK - SLIM   (Black Horizons)   5.98

More graphic and provocative collage art from Black Horizons' "Black Bag" series, this one featuring work from the San Francisco-based artist Genevieve Ryoko Larson, who we had previously encountered in the label's Provocative Rituals II art zine. With this forty-page zine, Larson employs old-school Xerox-damaged collage techniques to combine explicitly sexual imagery, murky textures and seemingly random objects into odd new forms. Like other installments in this series, the artwork is reminiscent of what you would find on classic industrial and noise tape releases a la Masami Akita or COUM Transmission, often including fragments of graphic pornography that are juxtaposed with combinations of floral images, strange subjects pilfered from fashion journals, and abstract patterns. At their best, Larson's collages can be weirdly distressing.