LYSERGIC  Void Dissociation  CASSETTE   (Crucial Blast)   8.00

Here is another recent debut that immediately chewed my face off upon first contact. Coming from the fertile war-metal grounds of Alberta, Canada, the band Lysergic suddenly crashed into our reality at the beginning of May 2023 with this three-song blast of freakish, psychotronic black / death metal. The band remains anonymous but has tendrils digging into the Calgary metal underground. More importantly, this outfit delivers something I've been waiting for, a sound that channels the exact mental and emotional state I arrive at whenever I listen to stuff like Conqueror, Black Witchery or Revenge after shotgunning two bottles of cough syrup. For years, I've been waiting for this. And Lysergic brings it. Made up of three explosive tracks ( "Erratic Noose Departure", "Maggot Crown Usurper", "Throne Annihilation" ), the EP detonates eruptions of convulsive and hallucinatory war-blast that slips in and out of dimensional phase, merging a sulfuric whirlwind of barbaric riffs, hammering drum-machine generated tempos, electronic derangement, and foul vocal emanations with a fractured and downright psychedelic quality befitting its name. There is no lessening of the core brutality behind this specific sound; this shit is ferocious, a roiling mass of air-raid siren horror, raw and relentless blastbeat drumming, primitive chainsaw guitar, all glomming together with sickening, echoing snarls and moments of unmistakable Conqueror-worship. But this carnivorous blast-attack spins out of control pretty fast, those inhuman, reptilian vocals getting tangled and knotted in crazed amounts of delay and reverb, emitting a hallucinatory, tracer-like aural effect, joined in with what fast turns into a phantasmagoria of noxious electronic skree, over-the-top guitar noise, grinding loops of distant voices and sculpted feedback, the spaces between songs filling up with cacophonic, monstrous sound deformation. And when the tempo eventually shifts into a slower, sludgy muck, it all leads this tape into a foul final crush of collapsing sonic structures. It's fucked up.

This kind of trippy, noise-damaged war-metal mutation has been worming out of the rotten woodwork in recent years, and man, I can't get enough of it. Lysergic dive a little deeper into straight-up electronic noise and loop-abuse than many of its peers, but like I mentioned, these songs never stray from that signature black/death sound, stripping it down to its most atavistic fundamentals, the riffs and drums locking into a droning hypnosis, but then splattering all of it with a chain of wrecked FX pedals, barbed metallic feedback manipulations, and piercing high-frequency sound-waves. A twelve-minute scream from the edges of churning black chaos: Dimethyltriptykon Uprise. Final Rope Reprieve.

Harsh stuff. If you've been prowling around the more grotesque edges of the "bestial" field in recent years, you've likely tapped in to some like-minded aberrations that push the limits of coherence and musicality; to my ears, this violent filth comes howling out of an adjacent DMT-damaged deathzone to the one that's populated by bands like Sect Pig, Methgoat, Nuclearhammer, Kapala, and Human Agony.

This cassette edition of Void Dissociation comes on purple cassette with full color artwork; the multi-panel sleeve includes the complete lyrics for the release.

Track Samples:
Sample : Erratic Noose Departure
Sample : Maggot Crown Usurper
Sample : Throne Annihilation