FINAL EXIT / SEDEM MINUT STRACHU  Brutal Accidents / Hail Cliff! Fuck Riffs!!  7" VINYL   (SPHC)   6.99

The pefect palette cleanser for all rational thought. The Brutal Accidents / Hail Cliff! Fuck Riffs!! is actually one of a handful of collaborations and splits that these two bands have done together, and here they comkpliment each other's noxious anti-musical blurr perfectly. This is classick-style old-school noisecore, but with both Final Exit and Sedem Minut Strachu showing how even this sort of borderline Dadaist audio-violence can be expressed in a myriad of ways.

Final Exit's side is a grenade blast of lunatic hyperspeed absurdity, chopped up into five songs humorously titled like "Kamikaze Attacked The Gym" and "Party, Angry And Lack Of Sleep". These Japanese weirdos have been at this since 1994, actually appearing on one a compilation that was one of the earliest Crucial Blast releases ever. So I've been a fan of this stuff for awyhile. Known amongst noisecore fanatics for their ability to blown open the boundries of total blurr into moments of ridicculous but adeptly performwed disco music, surf rock, pop melody, and heavy metal, it always a brainfuck listening to 'em. Amphetimine speed-chaos disinitegrates into fucked-up ska parts before morphing into an utterly hwellish feedback-drilling vat of blackened sludge a la Corrupted. Pretty pop punk jangle explodes into pure blurr in a matter of seconds. There are a couple of grueling sludgecore sections included among the acoustic guitar strum, three-second noisecore blasts, bursts of crossover thrash riffing, and hideous roiling low-end noise. Fuckin' brilliant - like I've mentioned in the past, it seems evident that these two guys are hardcore Naked City fans, but attack their bizarro blast with total punk abandon. It's pretty wild what they do here in five minutes with just guitar and drums (and those sickoid shrieking gibbon gibberish vocals, of course).

Far more murky, low-fi and downright barbaric, Sedem Min√ļt Strachu simply belt out a single untitled five and a hhalf minute piece of bass-heavy (and I mean heavy blurr. This stuff sounds monstrous, moving from the absurd thousand mile per hour blasts of incompreggensible chaos to mid-tempo punk to splatters of rumbling bass noise. From all appearances, this is an ode to bass-god Cliff Burton, and there are a shitload of wrecked Metallica riffs that keep surfacing out of the cranked-up concrete-mixer caveman pandemonium. There is some very weird shit going on with the vocals, with what sounds like some kind of actual singing going on in the background when they aren't howling and barking like animals. Knowing Sedem Min√ļt Strachu from their other releases, this has got to be mostly improvised noisecore aside from those totally berserk Metallica motifs that keep popping up, but even when this side is going at full velocity, it can have this feeling of "complexity" that is sort of unique to theser guys. It's awesome.

Track Samples:
Sample : FINAL EXIT - Deadly Drive
Sample : SEDEM MINUT STRACHU - Untitled