MITOCHONDRION / AUROCH  In Cronian Hour  7" VINYL   (Dark Descent)   9.99

It's like a reunion of old pals, as these two Canadian deathwarp outfits share several members between 'em. And the chaotic, brutally oblique death metal that each band spews out into the hyperverse feels like it's tethered to a familiar mass of radioactive plasma; this shit is fuckin' weird, so it should come as no surprise that each band is among my personal faves in the contemporary pantheon of bizarro tech-death.

the two bands in tandem brings you twelve minutes total of corrosive, high-velocity havoc.

Auroch's openingg side sloshes with the spetic, sulfuric magnificence of "Leaden Words Sown", early in the song doing a delicate teetering between Immolation-on-meth spiked heaviosity and these peaking moments of stunning alien majesty; the latter half of "Sown" shifts downward into a series of abdominal-stomping sludgy atonalty, blasting multi-skreiking chaos, and a steadily building feeling of all-out cacophony until it blows apart into this awesome stretch of industrial-tinged dark ambience, looping chantlike voices and pulsating machinelike rhythms winding beneath a mist-blanket of chemical vapors, experimental guitar / effects noise, and melted elecrtronic textures. Man, I fucking love this band.

On the other, Mitochondrion "Gilded Words Reaped" spins you off into an even more confusional galactic rot-blast, not suprising considering just ghow insanely unique and warped their album Parasignosis was (as far as the C-Blast compound is concerned, that disc is still one of the most brain-eating blasts of avant-garde death metal of the past decade): brilliant use of emotive, crafted melodic forms is employed against a backdrop of nutzoid mega-multi-layered Gorgutsian atonality and vision, and an exotic, insidious structural style that somehow makes this song "Reaped" balanced on the pinpoint between super-catchy melodic death metal epicnesssss and all-out skull-folding chordal chaos. Abyssal is one of the only other bands I can think of that are able to bridge these sonic regions, but Mitochondrion are even more confounding and convoluted. An amazing song.

The record is beautifully packaged in a gatefold jacket with spot-varnish printing.

Track Samples:
Sample : AUROCH - Leaden Words Sown
Sample : ˇĢMITOCHONDRION  Gilded Words Reaped