SHITNOISE BASTARDS  Lo-fi Does Not Mean Sucks, It A Threat!!!  7" VINYL   (SPHC)   6.50

Ah, gaaaaahhhh...I love that goddamn title, Lo-fi Does Not Mean Sucks, It A Threat!!!, paired up with the amazingly hideous sleeve art of sppiked-up skeletal punks throttling a cop and then vomiting all over piles of bones. This has to be insanity, right?

"Only booze and noise" is their mantra

a million splits with the likes of _____ in their awesomely cruddy wake , including platters with Sete Star Sept (with whom they share a certain metal-inged blastpunk sound),

Fourteen songs on the front, elecven on the back, just total and complete quasi-noisecore chaos across the board. They've got that absurd 1-2-3-4 count-off and peals of feedback between songs that is total noisecore delivery, but there's definitely some actual riffs and song structures in here. Mind you, they are absolutely berserk, and their moments of hyperspeed metallic crust blast are fleeting visions of endtime barbarity in between the meltdowns of musicality, these rippin' riffs almost always devolving right before your ears into atonal , aleatory carnage.I love this stuff, it harnesses some of the sound and vibe of the late 80s UK extreme hardcore aesthetic, Intense Degree and the like, a couple eruptions of D-beeat power going completely off of the rails, scorched screeching animalistic vocals constantly going ballistic, but smooshed amongst these clattery crazed freeform fallouts, with a bunch of savaging guitar solos shredding through everything, and a few rare moments of more restrained improv wierdness. Noisegrind, noisecore, "raw grind", whatever - these guys are heinous. Completely out of control. Highly recommended for those that despise melody and