SPYROIDS  self-titled  7" VINYL   (SPHC)   6.99

Well, this is pretty badass. It's quite the jump from the wonked-out psychedelic hardcore of the Coltranes, instead conjuring this killer mixture of buzzing synth-punk, repetitious rhythmi9s and slammin' kick drum patterns, weird vocals that blend together ghostly moans, monstrous groans, high-pitched elfen rhymes, and some nutty gibberish thrown in for good measure. The songs are short but hooky, the melodies sounding like sinister soundtrack music from an 80's-era direct-to-video horror movie, total creepazoid Empire Pictures casio-core, but with some additional hardcore-fueled energy, odd noises, and a general robotic menace lurking around every glitch, blip, and beat. I loved this; the EP has garnered some comparisons to the psychedelic industrial punk of Chrome, but these tunes are diving into darker shadows it seems. I can't wait to hear more Spyroid stuff, especially if it's going to maintain this whacky, aggro, atavisticm, menacing synth-punk vibe. Oh, and it gets weirder as you thumb through the inserts, newsletter and stickers included, which make reference to some obscure but terrifying local crime in their home base in Nebraska. Never forget the "Block Party Massacre"!