SUDDEN INFANT / GUILTY CONNECTOR  Sudden Infant Remixes Guilty Connector / Guilty Connector Remixes Sudden Infant  7" VINYL   (Genderless Kibbutz)   5.99

A now hard -to-find 2003 EP that came out from the great Genderless Kibbutz label, whose owner sadly passed away suddenly earlier this past decade; his little label has produced a wealth of phenomental noise and experimental releases that included numerous luminaries from the extreme-sound underground. One of the most intense and skull-expanding of these releases is the Sudden Infant Remixes Guilty Connector / Guilty Connector Remixes Sudden Infant 7-inch, having the Swiss surrealist Sudden Infant go up against Kohei's awesome longrunning spazz-psych-noise beast Guilty Connector, the latter of which has maintained a somewhat symbiotic relationship with the mighty Bastard Noise; like I've mentioned in other reviews, any fan of one is likely to adore the other.

So here each artist goes at it in a slightly different direction, taking the "noise remix" concept and going berserk in their unique mode of abrasion. The first side has Sudden Infant's Joke Lanz (that diabolic grining jester also of Swiss avant-garde multi-media legends Schimpfluch-Gruppe) taking some kind of source material from Kohei's recordings and reshapes them into minute-long blasts of surrealist and disturbing noise cut-up, titles with goofy titles like "Tanks In My Pants", "A Rose Between Your Toes" and "Sing Along Kong" obscuring the troubling mayhem compacted into each piece. Armed with an assortment of electronics, GxCx samples, turntables, and noise-making toys, it's a rapid-fire surge of found sounds, harsh electronics spun into miniature loops, blurts of squelch and static and nauseating bass-thud, voices that have an almost carttonish quality clambering over brief but dread-inducing mindless drones, bizarre "singing" and emetic throat noises cast across a cacophony of sampled distortion and burnt-out circuitry. Like Lanz's other work, this has the appearance of total randomness and chaos until you hear it again, and again, and this gibberish begins to take on the hue of some kind of warped communication system. That might also just be me, of course. But this side is wild noise collage, no doubt about it.

Guilty Connector concetrate on a single sidelong track, however, merging electronics, field recordings and acoustic guitar to distort and warp the Sudden Infant material beyond recognition. It's titled "Roulette", likely hinting at the compositional strategy, and it's fucking brutal. Sudden Infant's source material can be clearly heard jutting out from the chaos here and there, but primarily Kohei goes for an incredibly violent rush of psychedelic electronic mayhem, strange environmental electro-acoustic sounds, grinding low-end distortion, and spooky passages of amorphous rattle n' creak. With noise artist Kelly Churko mastering this recording for maximum possible penetration, you get blown out with around five minutes of torturing squall and skree, bizarro turntable / tape noise-style gurgles, and those occasional moments where everything dissipates into the sound of hidden movements in an large empty space, creepy echoes and a sense of menacing emptiness peeking out from behind the tangled hyper-glitch and bone-grinding distorted frequencies. All in all, a superior piece of Guilty Connector's tripped-out electro-pandemonioum haunted by shaddows of Lanz's demented presence.